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Surrounded by the beautiful gardens, at Eleouthkia Park you will find three perfectly designed venues ready to welcome your wedding, engagement, christening or birthday party. According to your needs, each of the venues can be used separately or combined in order to create a wonderful experience for your guests.


Area: 300 square meters.
Capacity: 600 people.
Facilities: Air-condition, Heaters, Dance Floor, Bar, Microphones & Speakers, Projector/Televisions, Free Wi-Fi, Free Parking.

The main indoor venue of the Park is perfect for events with a fairly large guest list such as a wedding, engagement or christening party. It’s fully covered therefore it can be used all year round. The reception area can be both indoors or just outside the venue in a specially designed area. If requested, the 25 square meter dance floor can also be used for live music.


Area: 150 square meters.
Capacity: 300 people.
Facilities: Bar, Microphones & Speakers, Projector/Televisions, Free Wi-Fi, Free Parking.

The roof-garden is at the top of the main venue and offers a unique view of the Park and its 50.000 trees and plants. It’s suitable for small-medium events such as christenings and birthday parties and it can be used from May till October due to weather constraints. The top is covered with fabric material in order to provide shade but don’t take away from the outdoor look and feel.



Area: 500 square meters.
Capacity: 1000 people.
Facilities: Swimming Pool, Playground, Bar, Microphones & Speakers, Free Wi-Fi, Free Parking.

The outdoor area is right next to the main venue and it can be used for all kind of events; from small to large, as it can be combined with the main venue and host more than a 1.000 people. Due to weather constraints, the outdoor area can be used from May to October and its especially perfect on late spring and summer nights.

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