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With their free entrance in "Eleouthkia Park" visitors can:
  • Meet plants and flowers from all around the globe
  • Come to know the rich Cyprus tradition
  • Have a Cyprus drinks tasting (Zivania, Commandaria, Wine)
  • Enjoy delicious, rich Cyprus Meze


Explore the 10 beautiful gardens of Eleouthkia Park and meet plants from all around the globe. In Eleouthkia Park you will find:
  • 1) Cactus & Succulent garden
  • 2) Bonsai garden
  • 3) Cyprus garden
  • 4) Sub-Tropical garden
  • 5) Conifer garden
  • 6) Forest trees garden
  • 7) Tropical garden
  • 8) Mediterranean garden
  • 9) Vegetable & fruit garden
  • 10) Herbs & Aromatic garden


Nature lovers will be happy to know that all the gardens as well as each plant that’s located in the gardens, have their own, distinctive label with the botanical information.

See and touch the authentic Cyprus tradition...

Eleouthkia Park hosts the Traditional Museum. A unique folkloric museum with:

  • Traditional objects and tools from Cyprus's everyday life
  • Cypriot traditional uniforms
  • The authentic “karkola” bed
  • The traditional baskets
  • The loom
  • ...and many more useful information of Cyprus’s culture and tradition!

Meet the real, traditional Farm house...

Have you wondered what tools people used over a century ago for their agricultural and farming occupations? In the amazing Farm house you can find:

  • The grapes wine press
  • The Zivania distillery
  • The flour mill
  • The traditional oven
  • The authentic plow
  • ...and many other agricultural tools


Learn their history, explore and enjoy all of our drinks:

  • Our own house wine "Eleouthkia"
  • Commandaria; The first wine in the world
  • Zivania


Enjoy the Park's delicious traditional meze of souvlakia, sheftalia and many more selection of traditional dishes.

Are you a group of people interested in the full traditional experience of Eleouthkia Park? Click below for more information: